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Welcome to WillyDoge!

WillyDoge combines the best part of the male anatomy with the best cryptocurrency known to man.

We proudly present to you:

Warrior, Savior, Impregnator

We are dedicated to make the best retro MMO RPG ever witnessed by mankind. We’re big fans of Metroidvania games and combining a Metroidvania gameworld with an elaborate loot and level system as found in games like Diablo seems like a match made in heaven. The gameworld we want to create however is meant to be a gigantic MMO gameworld which you can explore on your own or together with other people. Willy will be available in different classes, like the gunner which is shown in the trailer a versatile character who can do a bit of everything. A tank class which is sturdy but slow. A sniper for a long distance more stealthy approach or the acrobat who can get more airtime compared to any other class and tops it all off with several dodge tricks. In the final game we aim to have at least 10 different classes so there will be much more.

There will be an in-game marketplace where people can trade their loot for WILDOG and special items(rare and higher) will be minted on the Binance smart chain to make cheating impossible. Furthermore we’ll have a store for visually pimping your Willy, because dressing up penises is tremendous fun and having the coolest Willy in your guild is worth tons of streetcreds.

So Willydoge Warrior, Savior, Impregnator will contain the most successful components of different triple A games all mixed together by our superstar dev team into the perfect ode to retro gaming.

Willydoge rocket



4% of the transactions will be added to the marketing wallet for building our brand.


4% of every buy/sell is transferred to a developmentwallet which is used for buying animations and software


2% of every transaction will
be used to send WillyDoge flying

Pool liquidity

2% of every transaction is transformed into WILDOG pool liquidity on Pancakeswap.


Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Presale
  • Coin Launch
  • Initial marketing push
  • 2500 telegram members
  • 1000 holders

Phase 2

  • 5k telegram members
  • Game development
  • 2500 holders
  • Big marketing push
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing

Phase 3

  • Willy NFW minting
  • 10k telegram members
  • 5k holders
  • Extreme marketing push
  • Game beta testing
  • Trending everywhere
  • 10M market cap

Phase 4

  • Game launch
  • 100M market cap
  • Donation to penis cancer research



WillyDoge is a state of the art memecoin. It is completely unruggable and a mix of the best technology currently available optimized by the WillyDoge team, which is a top team of code warriors with many years of experience in crypto.  Our code warriors are specially bred as part human part AI. They are allergic to sunlight and have never touched, smelled or breathed in the direction of an actual real life woman, so coding is their only love and passion.


Our goal is to build the biggest shill army in the milky way galaxy. The more resources we have, the cooler we can make our game. To this end we’re going to invest heavily in building our telegram group. Also creating exposure in as many ways as possible will be a top priority and help from the community is not only appreciated, it will be rewarded as well.


Due to the nifty buyback and pool liquidity mechanisms, our amazing development team and of course due to having the best mascot in the whole crypto business, Willydoge is primed for some serious moonability even before the game is launched.


The presale date will be determined announced as soon as our telegram group has 500 members

On Pancakeswap contract adress: (coming soon)

We want to create an MMO ode  to classic 2d action gameplay. We think combining fast action, with an elaborate but delicately balanced loot and level system in a gigantic MMO world will be great fun to play and it has the potential to become a gigantic hit.

WillyDoge Warrior, Savior, Impregnator will be developed with an elaborate loot system and items can be bought and sold for WILDOG on the build in marketplace